Why Your Car Tire Pressure Really Matters

If the pressure in the car tires is off, the ride will be more challenging and the tires will certainly wear faster. Here are a few things to consider about driving your car when the tire pressure is not ideal.

If the tire pressure indicators show that the air is the car tires is too low, it will negatively impact your driving and the life of the tires. The lower the air pressure, the more rubber meets the road, then the harder it will be to turn and control the car. This also means the treads are causing more friction and wearing faster too.

When there is too much air pressure in the car tires, the car is riding on the center of the tread, which is problematic at high speeds and will wear the treads in an uneven pattern over time.

When you get the tires rotated at Lee Hyundai of Goldsboro, it'll ensure eyes are on the treads more often too.
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