Vehicle Battery Maintenance

As part of a good vehicle maintenance plan, you should periodically check that the vehicle battery is fully charged and powering your vehicle properly, especially if you are going to take a long trip. Extremely cold weather can also affect the battery negatively, so it is a good idea to check the battery during a frigid cold snap.

The battery in your vehicle serves many important functions, such as providing power to the ignition, starter, fuel system and most of the electrical components that turn on when the vehicle is started, as well as storing needed energy. Even when the vehicle is not running, the battery is still providing power.

If you believe your battery has lost its charge, if there have been adverse weather conditions, or you are going to be driving a long distance in the near future, you should bring your battery to Lee Hyundai of Goldsboro in order for us to test the battery charge. If you need a new battery, we can also help you choose the best battery for your vehicle.

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