A Coolant Flush Is Key to Properly Maintaining the System

Your engine operates at blisteringly hot temperatures. That is why there is a cooling system built into your car, truck, or SUV. In order to keep this cooling system running properly and protect your engine from permanent damage, you need to make sure that you properly maintain it.

The most important thing that you can do in regards to this is to perform a coolant system flush. This typically involves draining the coolant from the system and then attaching a hose to either end of the system and doing a power flush. The power flush will rid the system of any built up rust, dirt, and sludge. These are all things that you do not want in your system because they can cause it to underperform and lead to damage. Once the flush is complete, the system is then refilled with new clean coolant.

If your vehicle is in need of a coolant flush, then call or visit our service department here at Lee Hyundai of Goldsboro and let us get one going for you today.

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