Tire Blowouts: The Unsung Killer

We all know that regular tire maintenance and inspection can prevent inconvenient and costly flat tires. But did you know that it can also help prevent blowouts – one of the leading causes of high-speed accidents in Goldsboro?


Wait 3 hours for tires to cool before testing pressure.

Ideal pressure for your vehicle will be in your manual, or on your glovebox, fuel door or doorsill.

Tire pressure should be 1-2lbs above the manufacturer specifications for each 10 degrees above the average temperature it currently is, 1-2lbs below if cooler.

Inspect sidewalls and tread for visible damage.


If your car lists or pulls in one direction or the other, your frontend may be misaligned – a tire killer. If these symptoms appear, immediately see a mechanic.


Tread is easy to test – a penny should go far enough into the tread to obscure most of Lincoln’s head; this is the minimal 4/32” you need. Any less can be deadly.


If the TPMS light (pressure sensor) comes on, check your pressure right away, no exceptions.

The friendly auto experts here at Lee Hyundai of Goldsboro are happy to answer any further tire safety questions you might have, so come on in!

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